29 Ways To Spend Your Extra Day

What are you doing with your extra day this year? If you don’t know, here are 29 great ideas:

1. Post about what you’re doing as a business on social media

2. Update your social bios

3. Tweet every 29 minutes

4. Add call to actions on your website

5. Ask 29 customers for their feedback

6. Comment on other posts or blogs

7. Sign up for a webinar

8. Create a new blog post

9. Brainstorm 29 blog post topics for the future

10. Gather graphics and pictures for social posts

11. Order new business cards

12. Reach out to previous clients

13. Make a special offer

14. Promote that offer!

15. Review your marketing strategy

16. Categorize your target clients

17. Write an email newsletter

18. Read a book

19. Plan an event

20. Ask for customer testimonials

21. Listen to a motivating podcast

22. Evaluate your website

23. Check yourself against your competitors

24. Evaluate your brand consistency

25. Review your analytics

26. Take a fresh walk outside

27. Create a special Pin Board on Pinterest

28. Bring attention to your favorite charity

29. Post a special birthday message to those who only get a “true” birthday every 4 years.

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