Building Rock Solid Marketing Bridges

What is a marketing bridge?



  • Location
  • Store Visibility
  • Signage
  • Inventory
  • Parking
  • Prices
  • Service
  • Quality
  • Image
  • Name Recognition
  • General Customer Perception
  • Advertising


What about weak marketing bridge elements?

If you have weak marketing bridges that would be a financial burden to correct immediately, then you must address them in your commercial copy.

Advertising accelerates what is going to happen. If weak marketing bridges are not addressed, they will be magnified and can harm your success.


What does this mean?

If you are destined to go out of business because you have not adequately prepared for growth, advertising will help you go out of business faster.

On the other hand, if you are prepared for growth, advertising will help you grow faster.


Ways to ensure a successful bridge is made between your business and your customers:

  1. 1. Strengthen the bridge with an attractive website – Update your site with a consistent brand image, and make sure you are readily available to your customers.

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  1. 2. Strengthen the bridge to your brand with communication – Communication over a period of time builds trust. Customers who trust you are more likely to buy from you. Communicate via blog, Facebook, Twitter, video message, e-newsletter, etc.


  1. 3. Strengthen the bridge by hanging out where your customers do – Put yourself in front of as many potential customers as possible by being a regular contributor in places that customers frequent online or in person.

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  1. 4. Strengthen the bridge with a personal connection – step away from your smart phone and computer and make a one-on-one meeting with your client. This is a far better way to make a personal connection.


  1. 5. Strengthen the bridge with testimonials from previous customers – actively seek feedback and testimonials from past clients to create trust in future customers.

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