Impress Your Boss: A Social Series

Let’s be real – who is not interested in impressing the boss? Whether you’ve been at your company weeks, months, or even years, there’s always something new and innovative to bring to the table. This is especially true in the realm of social media.

Perhaps you’re a fresh faced social media manager or content marketer. Maybe you’re the one who drew the short straw in the office and was assigned with keeping Facebook up to date. Either way, we’ve got six steps to take your social strategy to the next level. Each day we’ll share a new insight into growing and strengthening your social brand.

  1. Conduct a Social Media Audit

Performing a social media audit is not as terrible as it sounds. This is a fresh honest look at your current strategy. A simple, no-nonsense way to approach your social plan will get the ball rolling. Consider the following:

Social Presence: List all of your company’s social media accounts.

Purpose: Why do you have this channel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)? What role does it play in your overall plan?

Target Audience: Who is your customer? Do you have a different audience on different channels?

Frequency: Number of posts per week for each channel. What is the consistency?

Content Types: What kind of content is being posted? Simple organic text (which means you created it), sharing articles, photos or videos?

Success Metrics: How do you measure success on each channel. Are you monitoring your engagement or looking at your insights?

Phew. That seems like a lot doesn’t it? But, once you get started you’ll realize you have most of the answers already. And this handy social calendar doesn’t hurt. If you still need some guidance, feel free to ask us.