Create a Social Media Marketing Plan

What? There’s more? Well, now that you’ve got all those wonderful insights from your audit, it’s time to develop a plan! Your social media marketing plan will determine what you can do better. This report will be what you can refer back to when your boss inevitably asks “Why is this important?” Your report will cover:
– What’s done well in the past (and why)
– Areas of weakness (opportunity)
– Goals – What do you think should be done?
– How you will measure success.
– Your target audience and how you’re going to talk to them
The goals you create are unique and specific to your business. Look at the mission of your business and make sure you create short and long term goals. Then, you always have something to celebrate.
Measurement will also be uniquely focused to what your goals are as a business. Gaining followers, making your current followers more engaged, or increasing your reach are all positive steps in increasing your social presence.
Like any good plan, your social media requires thought out steps. Use the social media audit you just performed to develop your process and figure out your goals. Don’t be afraid to tweak this as you begin the journey. What you may feel will work well with your followers, doesn’t resonate. They may not respond, share, or engage as you initially expected. Don’t sweat. And don’t throw in the towel. Tweak, don’t freak, your social media marketing plan.

We’ve got socially savvy peeps just waiting to help you break out into the social sphere. If you need some guidance, give us a shout.

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