The Value In a Great Reputation

What is Your Reputation?

Your actions + what others say about you = your reputation.

While some say that you shouldn’t care what others think about you, it’s important to recognize that people with great reputations seem to have an easier time at success, especially in the work place. Creating a positive impression will open doors for you that you otherwise never could.

How do I achieve a positive impression?

In a post from November 2015, Fast Company, discussed 7 Habits of People with Great Reputations:

“ 1. They get things done

2. The take ownership of mistakes

3. They are generous

4. The listen to other points of view

5. They’re decisive

6. They don’t sacrifice principles

7. They’re resilient”

Great Reputations, however, don’t just happen overnight. It takes time and effort to build positive characteristics that continue to resonate with people around you. If you’re unsure of what people think of you, it’s ok to ask! Just remember, whatever the feedback, be sure to follow through with it. Build upon the criticism. There’s no greater value than a positive reputation.

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