5 Tips on How To Position Your Business

You are no longer selling to clients. You are creating relationships. Create value in partnerships and position your business in front of customers.

  1. 1. Research the groups, clubs, and organizations in which your customers belong. Consider joining the association or becoming a vendor. This increases your chances of networking with like-minded clients.


  1. 2. Keep up to date with the articles, journals, and trade tips of your client’s business. It’s as easy as following a website, Facebook page (how hard it is to ‘like’ a national brand?) or adding a topic to your Reddit list.


  1. 3. Search the internet for industry information and trends. Stay up-to-date on the best practices of similar companies around the nation (and globe). Be sure you stay true to your market, as some ideas won’t work in your region. If you haven’t explored Google Trends, it’s time to fall down the rabbit’s hole. Google.com/trends. You’re welcome #sorrynotsorry.


  1. 4. Ethically and professionally gather information about your competitors and how they do business. Being aware of the market only makes you a better business owner, manager, or salesperson.


  1. 5. Ask your sales representatives for insight on industry trends, common customer questions, and ideas for serving customers better. Make sure you are working with advertising and marketing companies that have sales reps who understand and know your business too. Remember, they are working with you to help you achieve your goals.


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