Your Best Customers Listen to Only THREE Clarksville Radio Stations

“Advertising is totally unnecessary,” says Jeff Richards, Professor at Michigan State University. “Unless, you hope to make money.”
All business owners want to turn a profit, but where do you invest? Radio, TV, or digital?

Consider the reach data and return-on-investment analysis and media expert Doug Schoen insists, “It’s quite clear that we should all be paying more attention to radio, its reach and potential to help our businesses. It’s doing the job with expert efficiency.”

In his article in Forbes, Schoen states, “Nielsen data shows radio actually has the most reach among American media consumers [with] ninety three percent of adults listen[ing] to the radio each week as compared to 87% who watch TV, a substantive difference.”

Radio advertising works for small businesses because of listener loyalty. In this era of over-abundant media options, the typical radio listener, according to a recent Nielsen study, spends 87% of their time listening to just three radio stations.

Compare the loyalty of radio listeners with the loyalty of TV viewers. The typical household has access to 206 TV channels and will spend measurable time with 20 of them. No loyalty here.

Determining Your Customers’ Three Favorite Radio Stations

“In most cases, a business owner’s favorite radio station is not their customers’ favorite radio station. Nor is the station with the most listeners.”

Determine first your target customer, then our marketing experts will calculate which station your customers listen to.

According to The Small Business Guide To Effective Radio Advertising it is extremely important to define “best customers” in terms of socio-economic characteristics and buying habits rather than by broad age or gender characteristics.

The three “favorite” radio stations reach at least 68% of all of the consumers who have been defined as the business owner’s ideal customers. Most interestingly, in neither case are the 3 “favorites” among the stations with the most overall listeners.