Clarksville Businesses Find Success In Recruiting Employees

Employee recruitment in times of low unemployment is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Montgomery County’s current unemployment rate, 3.7% as of May 2018, is one of the lowest in years. Traditional methods of recruitment, such as classified ads and job fairs, are unable to meet the needs of Human Resource professionals vying for skilled labor. How does a business recruit employees when traditional methods no longer work?

First, understand why traditional recruitment methods don’t work during periods of low unemployment. Most employers are looking for passive job seekers. A passive job seeker is gainfully employed and skilled in their position. With this group, the likelihood of attending a job fair or searching the classifieds is not high. If you are gainfully employed and happy with current conditions, a classified ad or job fair posting is not on your radar.

Clever recruiters, business owners, and human resource managers have found success in the power of radio as a recruitment tool. Radio is listened to by over 90% of the U.S. population every week. Radio delivers your message to those who are employed, qualified, and will be an asset to your company.

Imagine the following scenario:
A wife knows her husband has mentioned exploring opportunities outside his present job. He may not be ready to actively search for a new employer just yet. She’s driving to work one morning and hears your message on her favorite radio station about a position at your company. She calls her husband. She tells him about the position at your company. He applies and you discover he is perfectly qualified. You hire him and later receive several pats on the back for finding just the right person. Would this wife have known about your position if you had placed an advertisement solely in the classifieds or online? Not likely.

Radio is proven time and again to deliver more qualified applicants. It is one of the Society for Resource Management’s (SHRM) recommended tools. Radio also allows a company to create custom engagement messages and target specific demographics.

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