Learn What 70% of Successful Businesses Are Doing In Five Minutes

Over two-thirds of successful business owners engage in some form of Online Advertising. Many are turning to Targeted Display Advertising, or TDA, to target both current and potential customers. This type of re-targeting brings their customers back to the business’ online store or through their doors. While a simple concept, with so many technical nuances for many business owners it can be a daunting process. However, by understanding the basics you can break it down and determine how it can work for your business.

Accept the inevitable reality – the internet knows you. Sometimes better than you know yourself! Our online habits, things we buy and our searches, create a roadmap that allow us to be targeted by businesses. As a business owner, you can use this to your advantage when building a TDA campaign.

You own a business that rents canoes. Your target is males, 25-year-olds to 45-year-olds. Your customer is interested in sports, outdoors, fishing, and music. They have kids. They have a household income of $50K+ and have a College Degree.

You understand how to choose advertising through traditional media, radio stations and printed publications, that are consumed by your target demographic. It is no different for your online advertising, except media companies have already prepared the way for you.

Using the demographics above, of your target customer, there are set/suggested lists of websites that cater to those specific interests. As your media representative, we develop a custom plan for your business. After creating the display ads, we place them on the type of sites your target customer frequents. Technically speaking we’ve spent time bidding on open ad space, on specific websites, so you can serve ads to your potential new customers.
Once the customers are identified and served the initial ad, on their mobile phone or desktop computer, we don’t stop there. Retargeting ensures they are delivered the message multiple times to convince them of your product or service.

Brand awareness is developed through repetition. This can be accomplished through out-dated newsprint or billboards. Or you can choose to let the power of the digital universe work for your business. Most Americans spend an average of 24-hours online each week. The world is trending to digital, and you don’t want to miss your opportunity.

Choose to spend your money targeting your specific demographic. The primary advantage over some traditional media platforms, with digital, you bring customers directly to your website from your advertising. Immediate opportunities to shop, research, and engage with your brand.

A recent Forbes.com article suggests 82% of consumers engage in online research and offline purchasing, or ROBO (Research Online, Buy Offline). Chances are, before your customer walks through your door, they are more educated than ever.

Do you think your business will benefit from Targeted Display Advertising? For a free consult of your business, email Tyler Lambert. Let’s dive deeper down the rabbit hole of Digital Advertising.