Don’t Make This Marketing Mistake

Business owners want to know how well their advertising dollar is working for them. How do you know if your radio advertising is working better than your online ad? How do you know if your print ad is working better than your billboard? How do you know which media work best together? The simple answer is that any medium will work, if you know how to work the medium.
The biggest mistake made by businesses is using a different message or offer with each medium. On the surface, it appears that this may be a great way to test the effectiveness of different media. However, you are doing your business a great disservice when you use this tactic.
To see your marketing efforts really pay off you need to run the same message across the board. Your business and your positioning statement should be prominent in every advertisement. Once you know the strengths and weaknesses of each medium, you can construct your message so that it returns better results for your efforts.
Remember: EVERY MEDIUM WILL WORK IF YOU KNOW HOW TO WORK THE MEDIUM. Every medium from Radio to billboards works, but they all work differently. They all have their unique strengths. Do you know what those strengths are? Are you using them to the benefit of your business?
Some media are better at branding your business. Some are better at advertising prices. The specific strength of a medium should dictate how you construct your message. Electronic media like Radio and TV are capable of reaching people on a more emotional level. Written ads, whether online or in print, are more informational. When used together, they are very powerful tools for an advertiser.

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