Business Owners Must Create Unique Buying Experience

Consumer behavior has changed dramatically in the past several decades. Twenty years ago, a consumer who was in the market to buy a car would look in the newspaper, see an ad and react. They were willing to buy the available make and model for the advertised amount. The business was in control- they could name the price, based on their inventory.

Today, consumers are in the driver’s seat. They are controlling the market. Now, consumers can research, customize and ultimately name the price due to the countless resources available online. They can buy what they want, when they want.

In 2018, the question business owners need to ask is, “How can I influence a potential consumer before they have made a decision to buy?”

The answer: Engage the audience with promotions.

Promotions create unique experiences that consumers will love, giving business owners a chance to learn more about their consumers’ interests and buying habits.

In addition to traditional advertising (radio, digital, outdoor, etc.), business owners can gather qualified sales leads using nontraditional avenues. Promotions such as sweepstakes, quizzes, ballots and contests can encourage consumer engagement.

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