20 Ways to Love Your Customers

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, check out these 20 great ways to show your customers (and employees) some love!

  1. Handwritten Notes
    Thank you notes, welcome notes, any note! Words of encouragement and a heartfelt thank you go a long way in today’s digital world.
  2. Free Advice
    If you are in the service industry, you may only interact with customers… for a fee. Offer free advice, or top tips, and become a trusted resource. Without expecting something in return.
  3. Thank You Packages
    Include a ‘thank you’ gift when shipping out orders to customers! Something small, but impactful. Simple Valentine, conversation hearts, or maybe chocolates.
  4. One-Time Custom Products
    ‘Limited Time Only’ – Exclusivity is always a plus. 
  5. Loyalty/Referral Programs
    Tried and true. People love this type of program for businesses. Plus, you get new business when they spread the word!
  6. Birthday Coupons
    We love a good birthday email offer. We can teach you how to create an email list and send out customized birthday offers for all your customers. Need help crafting a Birthday Email? Ask our expert.
  7. Quick Communication
    Make it a priority to respond to your customers efficiently. They will appreciate your quick responses. 
  8. Responding to Comments
    And just to add on to #7. Make sure your customer knows you hear them. Reply to all comments, not just messages, quickly and efficiently! 
  9. Surprise Gifts
    On your regular busy day of the week bring in cookies or free coffee for your employees or customers! They’ll love the surprise gesture. 
  10. Goody Bags for the Kids
    Looking to make your business more family friendly? Make sure you include the kids! They will want to come back again and again.
  11. Gratitude Tweets
    Most of your audience is on Twitter? Make sure when they tag your business with praises – respond and thank them!
  12. Friendly Email responses
    Seems pretty straight forward, but you’d be surprised. Your customers will keep coming back to you in the future when you’re nice. 
  13. Video Chats
    All social media accounts have a LIVE option of some sort. Invite your customers to a fun Q&A session at a scheduled time. Offer a sneak peek of a new item and or a chance to win a free prize. 
  14. Take Five Minutes
    Five minutes may not seem like much from you, but your employees will feel respected and valued. Take five minutes and spend time with each one. Say thank you, ask about their happiness, health, thoughts.
  15. Welcome Packages
    Offer an exclusive welcome package for first time buyers or customers. Need help crafting a Welcome Email? Ask our expert.
  16. Give them First Dibs
    New product release? Give your customers some exclusive sneak peeks and listen to their feedback – it’s a win for you and your clients.
  17. Let them Know You’re Thinking of Them
    Create an email list and send out a promotional offer or personal note from your business. Everyone likes to feel special. 
  18. Listen to Their Needs
    Almost everyone wants to know that you are taking their thoughts into consideration. Take a minute and speak with your most loyal customers; ask them what new products they’d like to see?
  19. Send them Promotional Offers
    The perfect option for a business with a text club. Don’t have one yet? We can help! Ask our expert.
  20.  Just saying “Thank you! We care about you.”
    Original, yet meaningful.

Original Posting February 2016