10 Cool Things to Know on National Radio Day

National Radio Day recognizes the great invention of radio. Every year on August 20, stations celebrate the news, information, music, and stories carried across the airwaves since before the 1900’s.


All stations across the country are categorized into formats. A “format” determines the style and type of music played.

5 Star Media Group has 8 broadcast radio stations. From Hot Adult Contemporary to Classic Country and even Active Rock, our stations reach a wide variety of audiences.

Q108: Hot Adult Contemporary
Beaver 100.3: Contemporary Country
Z97.5: Active Rock
Rewind 94.3: Classic Hits
ESPN Clarksville: Sports Talk
Sunny 99.1: Contemporary Christian
Outlaw 100.7: Classic Country
EZ 99.9: Easy Listening


Radio is local. 84% of listeners think that radio’s primary advantage is the local feel.


Radio delivers results. Campaigns delivered through radio result in a $10:$1 return on investment.


How people listen:

  • Car Radio
  • Mobile Phone
  • Sound System
  • Desktop
  • Smart Device


Radio stations east of the Mississippi River use “W” as the first letter in their call signs. Those west of the Mississippi River use “K” as the first letter in their call signs. 5 Star is east, so that’s why all of our station’s call letters begin with W.

Q108: WCVQ
Beaver 100.3: WVVR
Z97.5: WZZP
Rewind 94.3: WRND
ESPN Clarksville: WKFN
Sunny 99.1: WCVQ HD-1
Outlaw 100.7: WCVQ HD-2
EZ 99.9: WQEZ

Did you know? Sarah Daniel’s, one of our media marketing consultants, great-grand father, Brace Beemer, was the voice of the original Lone Ranger Radio Show in the 1950’s. Pictured below.


Radio has a multiplier effect on other media. Radio increases results even more when combined with other media, like digital. This is the top reason why our Media Marketing Sales Representatives combine the broadcast and digital plans for your business.


Radio is growing. In 2018, radio reached over 247 million weekly.


Radio is emotional. 271 million people (93%) tune in weekly and see on air personalities like a friend or family.


Radio is on the go. People in new cars choose radio over streaming 3:1.


Radio is multi-generational. 95% of Millennials, 97% of Generation X, and 98% of Baby Boomers are reached monthly by radio.

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(Facts provided by: Radio Advertising Bureau or RAB)