Stop Ignoring Your SEO

9/12/19 – SEO seems to be one of those acronyms thrown about that we’re all supposed to know. It’s often used by your digital team, web designer, and referenced in marketing blogs. It seems so important people make entire careers out of the process. (Then again, people have made entire careers out of watching Netflix #proudparents).

The truth is, you cannot ignore your SEO if you want to have a competitive business and stand out in the digital space.

But what do you really need to know about SEO and how can you improve yours?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, at its core builds your brand. The term is generally used when discussing your website or online presence. You’ve heard the phrase “quality over quantity”. Your SEO provides both quality and quantity; quality content drives a higher quantity of traffic.

Yes you NEED to be concerned about SEO. SEO has 20x more traffic opportunity than pay-per-click advertising, PPC, on both mobile and desktop. (Source: MOZ)

Put it into Practice

You may be closer than you think to understanding how to create strong SEO for your site. Creating an SEO rich site starts with knowing your customer and your product.

Try This:
Think of 10 – 15 words that customers may use when trying to describe, understand, or research your product or service. Now, think of 10 – 15 words that you and your employees use when discussing your products and services. Write them down.

All of these words should be included on your site, they are essential to your rankings in online search.

Can you just take this whole list and stick it somewhere on your site? No, not really. This is where the ‘quality’ factor comes into play. As the search engine bots crawl around the internet looking for valid sites, they are evaluating billions of pieces of data.

The content on your website will determine your search ranking. All of the data (blogs, pdfs, images, links, videos, etc) are cataloged. The goal should be to put enough quality content on your website that the search engines deem your site a valid source of information.

How Does This Happen?

Your site needs to have quality information, in a way that users will want to access. This means informative content pages, blogs, photo galleries, informational videos, etc. Remember, using those key words and phrases that people search are important!

Try This:
After you have your keyword list, discussed above, open up your website. Take ten minutes and read through your site from the eyes of a consumer. Start with your “About Us” page. Does this page really explain your company? Move to your products or services pages. And so on…

Are there at least 300 words on each page? (Your goal is 700-800 but we’ll get there).
Do you see words from your keyword list anywhere on the page? Generating volume without quality keywords and content will not help your search. It will just waste your time.

Updating SEO and creating content is something that should be done regularly. Don’t let your website fall stagnant. Even if you just take one page a week in the beginning to update, you’ll be making forward momentum.

As you continue your search engine optimization journey, you’ll be able to expand on your knowledge and venture into new areas as well. Want to develop your site faster? Make sure you’re aligning your brand with websites and brands that Google already trusts. Ask us how.

Have questions regarding SEO and how search engines work? Get in touch with one of our digital marketing professionals. Along with our digital development team, they’ll be able to offer support and advice to make your website stand out above your competitors.

By Jessica Goldberg
Jessica is the Director of Digital Media for 5 Star Media Group. From content creation to brand design, she develops online strategies that result in client success.