Small Budget? No Budget? Five Ways You can Run Successful Marketing with Limited Funds

We hear this all the time, “I just don’t have the budget.” You may be a local business in an off-season, or a cash-strapped start-up just trying to make ends meet. As a new small business you’ll have to make smart investments and use your limited resources wisely while building your brand. Here are a few ways small businesses can run successful marketing campaigns with limited budgets.

1. Create content for your website.
You’ve created this beautiful new site, now put it to work. Having quality content on your website is crucial to your success in the digital space. Make your site a go-to source of information about your business. Concerned your site may not be working the way it should? Learn how to improve your SEO.

2. Utilize your brand advocates.
Every business has brand advocates. Those customers, or employees, who are passionate about your product. Empower them to become your brand ambassadors. Perhaps it’s through an incentive program or a referral program. Word of mouth is incredibly powerful, embrace those people who know your product and want to share your story.

3. Online contests.
Who doesn’t love to win free stuff? Online contests are a great way to gather data. While potential customers are providing their personal information, unbeknownst to them because they’re just trying to win that awesome toaster, you’re collecting leads.
Use some of your resources to make sure your maximizing contest results. Invest in a quality contest or contesting platform to make sure you’re not missing any valuable information that may be left off of those old fashioned ‘slips of paper in the fishbowl’ contests.

4. Network.
If you’re a business owner or executive it’s an essential job function to meet people. (After a long day at the office it may feel like the last thing you want to do.) Networking in your community creates partnerships, awareness, and generates interest in your product or services. Take the time and attend networking functions, such as Chamber activities, industry workshops, etc.

5. Engage in Email Marketing.
Are you sitting on a mass amount of customer emails unsure of what to do next? You knew it was important to gather their info, which is good because email marketing is still the number one form of social marketing. Email has been around longer than any other social platform. It is also completely controlled by you, not the every changing algorithms of social networking platforms.

An email puts your pertinent info in the hands of your customers. Special offers, new products, and or sale items. You can customize an email to fit your needs and even tailor emails for different types of clients.
If you don’t have an email plan yet, we can help. Our email database has over 20,000 local contacts waiting to hear from you. Let’s join forces and put your business in the palm of their hand.