Why Radio is the Ultimate Word of Mouth

Reviews from customers, referrals, brand ambassadors, all businesses know that positive ‘word of mouth’ drives traffic. Are you looking for ways to maximize your Word of Mouth marketing? Turn to the ultimate loudmouth – radio.

It’s impossible to control a single customer’s product review or rating. You provide quality service and hope they’ll leave and tell friends and family about their positive experience.

Of course there are also those times someone may leave with a ‘not so positive’ experience, and you’re left trying to control negative online reviews on Google or Facebook. Not to mention the number of people they’ve told offline.

All of this seems slightly chaotic and out of your control. Take back control of your message and harness the power of a solid radio campaign.

Radio provides word of mouth, reaching over 229 million Americans. With radio, you can craft the message without being at the mercy of someone else’s opinion.

Source: RAB.com

Studies show that people will answer ‘word of mouth’ as their primary source of referral, without actually knowing from where the information came. Radio builds this brand awareness and generates a sense of affiliation to a brand, before someone ever steps foot in the store.

Radio can also reach your audience at the right moment of the day. Set your schedule for your message. Push your restaurant at meal time. Encourage shoppers on Saturdays. Create something custom for your business with a marketing representative who will understand when and where consumers are most engaged.