The Do’s and Don’ts of SEO for Small Business, including Real Estate

Our Director of Digital Media recently spent time with the Clarksville Association of Realtors Young Professionals Network. They went over SEO 101: the basics of understanding how to incorporate SEO into your daily practice. The ideas discussed are useful for any small business just trying to make it to the front page of Google search results. (Without having to pay to get there.)

Hard realization: if you’re in a saturated market (i.e. a lot of local and national competition) it may take awhile to get to the first. page.

Don’t know much about SEO? We explain it here in another blog.

For realtors and agents, it’s important to recognize that their client is going mobile.

(Information Provided By: National Association of Realtors)

For all small businesses there are a few things that are a MUST for your SEO strategy:


Include photos and video. Google search recognizes the titles and alt tags of photos and videos. Visual samples also generate more interest from readers.

Include content rich information. For real estate agents, this includes things like property information, floor plans, etc. Think in terms of questions customers or clients ask. Information that will keep readers on the page longer, engage more, and potentially share is the most valuable form of content.

Customer Reviews. You can never go wrong with adding product reviews, customer service reviews, etc. Reviews from other clients are always a great way to show you are recommended and knowledeable. Make sure if you’re adding reviews to your website that you are also monitoring your reviews in other areas!

Contact Information. Do not make your clients have to search for a way to contact you! Include your contact information on every page if possible. Make sure this translates into the mobile version of your website, since the majority of customers are turning to mobile first.


Have broken links. Take the time to move through your site and check all of your links. Are they working properly? Are they linking to the page you intended? Don’t assume that because you set up a link once, that it will work forever!

Load Giant Photos. There is no reason you need to upload a high-resolution photo to your website. If you’re uploading 2MB or larger photos to your site, for simple thumbnail listings, then you’re dragging down your site’s speed, which hurts your SEO. Don’t have a way to resize images? Check out free online tools like GIMP or Adobe Photoshop Express. 

Bad Meta Data or Descriptions. Your meta data helps with your SEO because it acts as a virtual preview of the page. This is what appears on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) after someone has performed their search. Things that can hurt: not having a description at all or your description doesn’t match your page information.

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