How to Make Your Commercials Work

Today’s world is overrun with advertising messages. Consumers are bombarded with visual and audio-centric messaging all day long. Experts estimate the average consumer sees upwards of 5,000 messages a day.

What is the most important factor to your business marketing that will make you stand out above the crowd?

Advertising creative.

According to a study conducted by Nielsen Catalina Solutions advertising creative is named as the most important factor in driving sales. Creative encompasses design, evokes emotion, draws attention. Anyone can ‘make an ad’. Do you want to make best use of your creative? If the answer is yes, then make audio part of your 2020 plan.

Consider this:

Sound has an all-encompassing effect over other media. Sound is no longer relegated to your car stereo. Music streaming, podcasting, and video all have the ability for company branding.

Consistency in message and voice will continue to play an important role in company advertising. Using audio to convey your emotional message across multiple mediums will drive results.

Optimize your audio for mobile. 

Over half of television and video content will be consumed through mobile next year, according to Ericsson.

Technology companies are optimizing and preparing for this trend. You see it in Apple’s newest speakers, and the slimmer sleeker styles of stereos. When you need an audio expert, who better to turn to than the advertising medium that has been in the audio business for over 100 years? Radio.

Investing in audio branding will deliver significant marketing returns.